SNV has been working in Indonesia since 2013 in partnership with government institutions, the private sector and local organisations across three main sectors – agriculture, water and sanitation and renewable energy. Climate change and gender are cross-cutting issues underlying all our interventions.

SNV engages with various stakeholders  - including supply chain actors, private companies, local NGOs, research institutions and government agencies – to enhance the livelihoods of smallholders, increase environmentally friendly business benefits and improve sanitation and hygiene for thousands of people, from West to Eastern Indonesia.

Hosting 260 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populated country globally. It is also the largest economy in Southeast Asia and one of the most species-rich countries on Earth. Its diversity, vibrant economy and stable institutions offer countless development opportunities. SNV is committed to supporting the country in further prospering from these in an inclusive and environmentally sustainable way.

We understand the local community’s dynamics and the realities of local businesses and constantly look outside the box, turning challenges into opportunities. Fostering local capacity building knowledge and resources from the ground up are the main pillars of our approach.

Our partnership with the Government of Indonesia for 2020-2023 covers activities with the national and eight provincial governments.

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