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As part of the OmiDelta programme [1] of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Benin, the Non State Actors Fund (NSA Fund) finances NGOs, CSOs and private sector companies that implement projects in Drinking Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

Started on 1 December 2016 – with a total budget of € 14,750,000 – the SNV-managed NSA Fund concludes on 31 December 2021. It currently funds eleven projects in Benin:

  • Seven (7) WASH projects that contribute to realising improved access to sustainable and quality water services, sanitation, and hygiene services. Implementation of project activities takes place in 7 of the 12 departments [2] in Benin.
  • Three (3) IWRM projects that focus on operationalising the national government’s IWRM policy and strategy, and aim to improve watershed management and delta security. Implementation of activities takes place mainly in the sub-basin of the Lower and Middle Valley of Ouémé (BMVO).
  • One (1) Governance project that contributes to strengthening the capacities of the consultation or monitoring structures for the respect of water-related human rights (WASH) and improving climate resilience, equity and sustainability in water management at the Ouémé Delta level (IWRM).

Each project tackles at least one of the cross-cutting themes identified by the EKN’s OmiDelta programme: gender, youth, governance and/ or climate change.

As Fund manager, SNV provides technical, administrative and financial support for smooth project implementation. Support may include: (i) the development of effective and sound proposals that guarantee good price-performance ratio; (ii) project implementation; (iii) project monitoring and evaluation; and/ or iv) administration and financial reporting.



[1] The OmiDelta programme of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Benin consists of three programmatic components: funding for local governments; technical assistance for local government partners; and the OmiDelta NSA fund.
[2] Departments, in this context, are administrative divisions of a group of municipalities or communities.

Key facts



At least 140,000 people have access to sustainable and quality water services.


At least 340,000 people have access to improved sanitation and hygiene services.


At least 300,000 people benefit from better watershed management and delta security.

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