On Thursday 25 October, a mini-seminar and book presentation on social business as a transformational approach will take place at the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht.

Some years ago, the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IOB) performed an in-depth impact evaluation of SNV’s capacity development support. The evaluation was largely positive, advising SNV to further help local providers in achieving organisational sustainability. Based on this feedback, SNV developed a global programme for leaders of local social businesses to strengthen their capacity to work in a professional and financially sustainable manner. In 2015, 150 participants in 19 countries across three continents (Africa, Asia, and Latin America) joined the programme. The programme was implemented by SNV with the support of Context, an independent consultancy firm specialised in social business development.

On 25 October 2018, a mini-seminar on social business as a transformational approach will take place at the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht. During the event,  Fons van der Velden (Context) will present his new book "Towards a fair and just economy: Social Business as a transformational approach". The book includes a report about the design, implementation and major outcomes of SNV's leadership programme produced by the author and Worku Behonegne (SNV). 

More information about the event and the full programme is available here.

A summary of the report "Leadership in social business. Experiences from SNV’s leadership development and support programme" is available for download here.