SNV and EnDev launch new report on productive use of energy


Today, a new EnDev report has been launched entitled Productive Use of Energy: Moving to scalable business cases. SNV has played a leading role in the development of this new study.

Productive use of energy

The EnDev programme defines Productive Use of Energy (PUE) as those uses of energy that increase income and productivity. By analysing the successes and challenges from various PUE promotion projects, the report proposes to adopt a wider ecosystem approach to overcome barriers and move to scalable business cases. The report can be accessed here.

EnDev and the Learning & Innovation Agenda

Energising Development (EnDev) is a partnership of like minded donors and partners that support access to modern energy and works in more than 20 countries around the globe. It is one of the largest on-the-ground technical assistance programmes for energy access in the world.

SNV coordinates the EnDev Learning & Innovation Agenda Community of Practice on PUE. The aim is to support implementers in the SDG7 community through learning and exchange on PUE and by stimulating increased collaboration in the sector.

The analysis

Productive use of energy plays a transformative role in increasing energy access in developing countries, especially in rural settings. The increase in rural energy access, introduction of mobile-based payment models and development of innovative technologies has led to PUE receiving more attention in the SDG 7 community. However, there are still barriers that prevent PUE business models from scaling.

The report analysed different approaches in various PUE promotion projects, and categorises projects, success factors and challenges. It provides a thorough analysis of projects through in-depth interviews on project design, implementation, and evaluation. It aims to expand the knowledge and understanding of successful PUE promotion approaches among practitioners, and contribute to the accelerated implementation and impact of PUE interventions in EnDev and other programmes.

Main recommendations

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency by applying a wider ecosystem approach for designing and implementing PUE interventions.
  • Tailor PUE project designs towards scalability, aiming at replicable models and scalable business cases.
  • Intensify collaboration and create multi-disciplinary project teams.
  • Sensitise stakeholders in funders, governments, and development organisations 


You can download the report Productive Use of Energy: Moving to scalable business cases here or visit the EnDev website for more information.


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