Civil society plays a crucial role in mobilising citizens’ voices and ensuring that the interests of low-income and marginalised communities are included in government and business policies and practices. As part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Dialogue and Dissent Framework, the Voice for Change Partnership (2016-2020) empowered civil society organisations to engage with decision-makers and voice their views more effectively by taking an evidence-based approach to advocacy. They focused on four thematic areas: Food & Nutrition Security, Resilience for Pastoralists, Renewable Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH). This animation provides an introduction into the V4CP approach.

With the programme coming to an end this year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on its successes.


Key take-aways on advocacy and capacity-building

For an overview of key learnings from the programme, see this set of publicationsavailable in multiple languages:

Country-specific highlights

For a taste of the activities and learnings from the six countries in which the V4CP programme worked, see:

CSO representatives participate in an exchange visit in Kenya.

CSO representative during a media engagement, in Lampung, Indonesia.